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  Air Rights

Air Rights are the legal right to use and occupy the space above a particular parcel of real estate. Air Rights can be transferred legally by sale or lease and in some cases by creating an easement.

You may not be getting the highest and best use of your property Faras Value, with Air Rights right on top of you. Pleaser call the above telephone number for an analysis to begin to add value to your property. The process consists of multipole phases.

Phase 1 - An analysis through the building department to confirm your ability to build on top of your property. An appraisal before and after with the new square foot Non Par Value.

Phase 2 - A structural engineer report to determine strength requirements and existing conditions.

Phase 3 - Architectural plans and design review. A design to meet your needs and comply with all codes.

Phase 4 - Building department response. Approval or denial. Changes as required to comply with codes. Use of expiditers when possible.

Phase 5 - Construction / Financing. Loan officrers on hand to discuss financing options.

Phase 6 - Permits, construction, site planning, schedule coordination.